Free Fire OB38 Advance Server: APK download, Activation Code, and end date

Free Fire OB38 Advance Server: APK download, Activation Code, and end date

Free Fire OB38 Advance Server APK release date, download link now
 The presentation of the Free Fire OB38 Advance Server has reignited the local area's excitement, as they have at last got a brief look at different highlights that will probably be remembered for future updates. Among the new presentations are a secret person, another pet, and numerous different enhancements to make the battle royale title seriously captivating.

Basically, the Development Server is a different game client that is delivered a couple of days before the update to try out different elements and changes. This restrictive client is just available on Android gadgets and must be gotten to by clients with an Activation Code.

Free Fire OB38 Advance Server APK is available on the official site of GARENA FREE FIRE

Free Fire OB38 Advance Server initiated on December 23, 2022, and will stay open for access until December 30, 2022. During this stage, you can download the APK from the authority site and introduce it on your gadget to partake in the game's new elements.

nonetheless, you will require an Enactment Code to get close enough to this client. The best way to acquire it is through the Development Server enlistment process on the authority site. You might adhere to the guidelines to enlist yourself and possibly get the code. Assuming you're sufficiently fortunate to get it, in this manner download the APK record from the site:

Step 1: First, access the advance Server site and sign up utilizing Facebook or Google.

Both of these web-based entertainment accounts should be connected to a current Free Fire representing the cycle to happen. If not, a mistake message will spring up on the screen.

Stage 2: You will be diverted to a structure where you need to enter a functioning email address and snap the 'Join presently' button.

By following these means, your application will be sent, and you will get an Enactment Code if you're accepted.

Stage 3: After getting the code, click the Download APK button to download.

Stage 4: You will get the install download finished. It ought to be noticed that you should flip on the Introduce from Obscure Source choice if it hasn't been done already.

Stage 5: Open the Free Fire OB38 Advance Server and sign in as a visitor. Set up your record by choosing your mastery level and moniker.

Stage 6: Enter your recent activation Code in the exchange box to get to the client...

If you actually haven't gotten an Activation Code, you can utilize one from the rundown here. You have the opportunity until the finish of the server (December 30) to appreciate and evaluate the recently added highlights as a whole. Players can give info and criticism about the Development Server's substance while announcing bugs and errors too.

How To Open Advance Server (Important)

The process for accessing the Free Fire Advance Server may vary depending on the specific details and requirements set by the developers. Typically, players must apply to participate in the advance server and be selected by the developers to participate. The developers may announce application periods and provide information about how to apply through their official website or social media channels. If you are selected to participate in the advance server, you will typically receive an invitation or a link to download the advance server client, which will allow you to access the new content and features that are being tested. It's important to note that the advanced server is only available to a limited number of players and is not open to the general public.

New features in Free Fire OB38 Advance Server

The mystery character in the Advance Server (Image via Garena Free fire)

New highlights in Free Fire OB38 Advance Server

New secret person
New Kactus pet
Skyler capacity changed
Correspondence upgrades
BR and CS mode upgrades
Game mode upgrades
You can learn more about the features here.

Note: Because of government-forced limitations on Free Fire, Indian players are prompted not to download or play on the Development Server. All things being equal, they might trust that the new elements will be accessible in the Maximum adaptation with the forthcoming update.

what is a free fire advance server?

Free Fire Advance Server is a testing platform for the popular mobile battle royale game Free Fire. It is a separate version of the game that is available only to a select group of players, who are invited by the game developers to test out new features and updates before they are released to the general public.

Players who are accepted into the Free Fire Advance server to try out new content and provide feedback to the developers, helping to shape the final version of the game. This is an opportunity for players to be involved in the development process and to experience the latest updates before anyone else.

To participate in the Free Fire Advance Server, players must first apply through the official Free Fire website. If selected, they will receive an invitation and instructions on how to download and access the advance server. Keep in mind that access to the advanced server is limited and not all applicants will be accepted.


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