List of Free Fire Advance Server features to expect in OB38 Update

List of Free Fire Advance Server features to expect in OB38 Update

With the release of the Free Fire OB38 Advance Server, Garena has set the time for future update releases. The newly released client enables players to test out upcoming all features ahead of the official release and submit feedback to ensure that the update provides a very good gaming experience.

The Advance Server was released on December 23, 2022, and gamers who have received the Activation Code have jumped into the client. The features available are a mysterious character, a pet, and many more things and interesting bundles.

List of all Free Fire Advance Server features to expect in the OB38 update

1. Mystery character

In Free Fire OB38 Advance Server a mystery character similar to the previous iterations. The previous patch updates have included only one new character, and hence, the prospects of this character making its way into the game have increased day by day too significantly.

New character ability:-

It is armed with the Shape Splitter ability, which launches a 150 HP model for 5 seconds. and, The players can teleport to the location of this mannequin. In the Advance Server, this ability has a cooldown of 100 seconds. Comparatively, level 6 sets it to 60 seconds.

2. Kactus Pet

Kactus pet is the 2nd feature expected to become available in the Free Fire OB38 Update. The Advance Server restores 10 Ep per second after the players remain still for 8 seconds. However, the restore will stop after EP 100 is restored or when they are moved.

New Kactus Pet Ability:-

As players level up to this pet, the requirements of standing still reduce to only 6 seconds, while all other options will remain constant. The previous updates have often included a pet, gamers can expect Kactus to be available in the OB38 update.

Free Fire's gameplay has become slightly interesting for the players, and to make the gameplay engaging, the game developers have the multiple changes in the BR mode in Advance Server. In the new update, all of these are expected to be included.

3. Battle Royal Optimization

These features include a unique Loot Radar that detects nearby all supplies. In addition, a new device tab, which includes a Gloo Wall-making system, will be available. The primary purpose of this item is to recharge a particular utility.


To spice up the CS gameplay, the developers Set up a character buff system in the Advance Server of OB38. The feature allows individuals to select a buff at the start of the match to add a layer to the gameplay.

After the testing players might find these features in the OB38 update. The final safe zone shift feature might also be part of the game's final release.

What is the advanced server of free fire?

Free Fire Advance Server is a program that allows selected players to test out new features and updates for the popular mobile battle royale game, Free Fire, before being released to the general public. It is an opportunity for players to provide feedback and help shape the final version of the update.

To participate in the Free Fire Advance Server program, players must be invited by the Free Fire development team or selected through a registration process. The number of players who can participate in the Advance Server is usually limited, and players who are selected must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to keep the new features and updates confidential until they are released to the public.

Players can expect to test out new in-game features, such as new characters, weapons, and game modes, as well as changes to the overall gameplay experience. The Advance Server allows players to experience these new features and provide valuable feedback to the development team before they are released to the wider player base.

Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions on Garena Free Fire, Indian players should avoid downloading or playing Advance Server. Instead, they may wait for these features to be released in the Free Fire MAX version.


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